Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Top 10 Films of 2013

Clue's in the title.

10) The Wall (Julian Pölsler, Austria/Germany) - "the Austrian tact for philosophy and psychology helps create The Wall as a smart and memorable film"

9) The Lone Ranger (Gore Verbinski/USA) "there comes a point in the film where the William Tell score/Lone Ranger theme erupts, the Lone Ranger and Tonto pounce into action and excitement pulsates through you"

8) Metro Manila (Sean Ellis, UK/Philippines) - "Nearly every element seems honed to perfection, with a superb ending to leave a definite impression."

7) Nebraska (Alexander Payne, USA) - "Looking crisp with some gorgeous photography and a fantastic score, this is an unapologetic heart-warmer from a director who hasn’t a jaded bone in his body"

6) Enough Said (Nicole Holofcener, USA) - Honest and hilarious. Featuring the talents of the late James Gandolfini and the ever-wonderful Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who needs to be in more films)

5) All Is Lost (J.C. Chandor, USA) - A unique film, built on the skillset of one great actor, Robert Redford. A muted yet monumental performance from the film's only actor - with direction so refined from Chandor.

4) Blue is The Warmest Colour (Abdellatif Kechiche France/Belgium/Spain) - Completely absorbing with two sublime performances. Highlights the highs and lows of love with more tact than nearly anything that's come before it.

3) The Kings of Summer (Jordan Vogt-Roberts, USA) - "It should become the new favourite for a generation – a few decades after the 80′s had Rob Reiner’s classic – brimming as it is with hilarity and heartfelt moments."

2) Muscle Shoals (Greg "Freddy" Camalier, USA) - "an awe-inspiring account with a host of well renowned interviewees thrilled to talk about that special place where the music “comes up through the mud”"

1) Mud (Jeff Nichols, USA) - "Tied to the warming aspect of the story is a sunlight that basks the film in a luminosity, making Mud a quintessential summer movie, and a lasting one at that."

Honourable mentions:
Django Unchained, Lore, Lincoln, Robert & Frank, Ernest & Celestine, Before Midnight, This is the End, Wolverine, Blackfish, About Time, Like Father Like Son, Drinking Buddies

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